• Out side diameter
• In side diameter
• Concentricity of dia
• Wall thickness
• Gear span
• Center distance
• Ovality two point measurement
• Roundness three point measurement &    Many more as per your requirement

Universal Mechanical Comparator


Square ness of dia to end faces

RANGES: Small 5 to 140 MM
              Big 5 to 175 MM

Comparator unit can be used with either dial indicator 0.010 or microcenters 0.001 mm of shank dia 8.00. Most useful for bearing, bush, automobile, pump industries.


MEASURING PINS (CARBIDE & STEEL) Range : 2 mm to 10 mm Length : 35 mm Grade : "I"  "II"     And
Carbide Loose Slips as per Customers Requirements in any grade or as per requirement.

Special Gauges, Relation Gauges, Acceptance Gauges, Position Gauges, Taper Gauges as per Customers Requirement.

Offering Calibration services of Plain Limit Gauges, Relation Gauges & Slip Gauges Traceable 
to NPL, New Delhi.

Special Gauges, Relation Gauges, PCD Gauges can be designed, Manufacture on customers submission of 
component drawing & component.


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